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(Cash In Transit)

We can collect an item from your site or elsewhere for delivery to its destination.

Our guards remain discreet and covert, blending into the surroundings by wearing plain clothes and conducting transfers, pickups and banking in unmarked vehicles.

All vehicles are equipped with receptacles, are tracked using GPS, are fitted with duress buttons, two way radios and mobile phones.

All vehicles report to control when calling on and off site. Log books and dockets are used to track and account for all collections and deliveries.

Current services provided are:

  • Collectables and valuables transfer
  • Unmarked and plain clothed vehicle escorts (product / valuables)
  • Cash in transit / banking / currency supply
  • Collections and deliveries to and from cargo and airline facilities.
  • Risk Assessments for a CIT and valuables transfer.

The cost for this service is based on a sliding scale depending on the amount of the transfer.

Mobile Patrols

We have extensive experience and can patrol any business, residential and private premises 365 days a week on a 24-hour basis.

Once an alarm activation is received at the alarm Monitoring Center, our mobile patrol(s) will be contacted and attend to the situation immediately.

Regular mobile patrol routes can be established at random times and can respond to specific and identified threats.

Random patrols will be conducted to check doors, windows, assets, property, fence lines and gates and even lock up and open up of premises.

We can use data wands or patrol loggers that can be located throughout your premises and when the guard conducts a patrol, the date / time and location will be recorded.

This information can be downloaded and kept on record and forwarded onto the client.

Services for:

  • Residential (High Rise)
  • Retirement Villages
  • Private residences
  • Construction sites
  • Corporate businesses
  • Residential Estates
  • Small Business
  • Residential Housing
  • Vacant Premises
  • Factories, corporate and residential
  • Alarm Response
  • Industrial Estates
  • Office Areas
  • Government Sites

Static Services

JET Security Services can provide you with peace of mind.

Our Static/Access Guards are fully trained and inducted to meet your specific company or business needs.

At JET Security Services our Team is selectively recruited, rigorously screened, professionally managed, well supported and extensively trained to deter incidences before they occur and provide exceptional customer service skills.


Event Staffing

The wealth of experience and customer service when dealing with the public, VIPs, officials, guests, celebrities and athletes flows onto to all the events that we undertake.

Our security officers can be overt or covert and provide the peace of mind when having security at events. You can have a security package tailored to suit your needs.

Event security package may include banking services, static guarding, crowd control, monitoring of RSA, Close Personal Protection.

From 2014 we have provided security services for numerous events.

JET Security Services can provide event security for:

  • Corporate Functions
  • Concerts
  • Corporate Xmas Parties
  • Live Appearances
  • NYE and Xmas parties
  • Fetes
  • Business Conferences
  • Charity events
  • Private Parties including Birthdays
  • Sporting Events
  • Weddings, Engagements and Formals
  • Music Festivals


Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a good and honest service to its clients and any potential clients. As well as look after all staff to the best of our abilities, knowledge and understanding. After all it's with-in, our best interest to keep our staff and clients happy at all times. A courteous service is our primary product. Employee attitude towards their service responsibility is our number one concern. It is always necessary to place the greatest emphasis upon the considerate approach to the client's satisfaction. Anything less is a direct reflection on JET Security Services and all its employees. JET Security Service, Are Here To Serve Our Clients. Our Staff & Employees Must Be Courteous at all times





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